Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Protection of personal information
ViSpot, Inc. recognizes that it is a corporate social responsibility to properly handle information that can identify specific individuals (such as names, addresses, and other privacy information) provided by customers (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”), and protects and respects Personal Information as specified below.

Purpose of the use of Personal Information
The Personal Information provided by customers will never be used for any other purpose than the provision or introduction of services operated by ViSpot Inc.

Collection of Personal Information
When Personal Information is provided by customers, we will obtain such information within the necessary range after clearly specifying the purpose of its use in advance.
We receive customers’ names, e-mail addresses, addresses and other Personal Information when customers register, or when services are provided, such as responding to inquiries and sending of requested brochures.

Provision of Personal Information to third parties
The Personal Information provided by customers will not be provided to any other third party than the subcontractors and business partners of ViSpot Inc., and successors to the business of ViSpot Inc., unless such provision is justified by law or other legitimate reasons.

Management of Personal Information
ViSpot appoints a person responsible for management, and endeavors to prevent leaking, disclosure or loss of Personal Information.

Query, correction, and deletion of Personal Information
If a customer wants to make queries about, correct, add, or delete the Personal Information registered by the customer, ViSpot Inc. will promptly take necessary action within a reasonable range upon request received through the contact unit or the contact website page.
We will comply with the laws, regulations and standards applicable to Personal Information, and continuously review and improve the relevant measures specified above.